I have a deep belief that the world would be a much better place if everyone had a seat at the table.

My mission is to help high achieving feminist women and men from diverse backgrounds, shed their self-doubt and strengthen their self- belief to become conscious, effective leaders who make decisions from a place of clarity.

Do you...

  • Dream about having more influence at work but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Feel like you’re staying longer (than you should), in jobs that aren’t a right fit or keeping moving in your search to find the ‘right’ job?
  • Worry about making mistakes and not meeting expectations at work and in personal life?
  • Feel like you’re stuck with who you have to be and lost sight of who you want to be?

Then I can help you.

I work with individuals just like you to build confidence in who you are so you can make decisions that are aligned with your personal and professional goals.

I use tools from neuroscience, psychology and leadership theory in my practice. My coaching is enriched by my training and experience as a Psychiatrist, published clinical researcher, working in leadership roles in tech, my passion in neuroscience and, my own growth and journey through leadership roles in multiple sectors – tech start-ups, clinical medicine and research, academia, and, humanitarian work- and, therapy and coaching.

Are you ready to make a change?

Here’s how I help people

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    'I'm honestly surprised how much I’ve achieved since I started coaching with Rashmi! When I started, I felt stuck couldn't figure out what to do. With Rashmi, I’ve translated my dream into a career plan. I’ve identified my strengths and learnt to be in the moment. I feel lighter and more rested. I’ve learned to take responsibility for my well-being and embrace opportunities.'

    Emelia S
    Dept of Neurobiology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

    ‘When I started coaching with Rashmi, I was really stressed due to job uncertainty. She helped me to identify my values and showed me some practical ways to set goals aligned with my values. She didn't try to sugar coat anything, was honest and direct and challenged my thinking when it was not particularly helpful for me. My biggest win - she trained me for an interview, I attended it (calmer than I usually am), and it resulted in a job offer!‘

    Lecturer in Classics, UK

    'Rashmi is a brilliant coach and has really helped me to gain a new perspective on my life. With her help and support I have achieved significant personal growth in a very short period of time.'

    Co-founder & Entrepreneur, UK

    'I never realised how powerful coaching could be until I worked with Rashmi. She really helped me to understand my core values and how this shapes my behaviour and thoughts. Working with Rashmi has armed me with new skills and gave me confidence to face situations I would ordinarily shy away from. I have just extended my engagement with her!'

    Bianca S
    Senior Experience Designer, Consulting, UK

    ‘Rashmi has deep compassion for other people's struggles and helped me notice the times I wasn't being very kind to myself. For someone who pushes herself quite hard, it was powerful to step back and give myself some room to not achieve/produce/do.’

    Author and Poet, UK/USA

    ‘Working with Rashmi helped me learn that checking boxes - getting academic credentials/elite jobs - does not make me happy. Rather, I am most happy in work and life if I honour my values. I have started enjoying the process rather than focusing on the goal, as well as embracing a growth mindset and taming my inner saboteur. I feel more at ease and grounded in my thinking after working with Rashmi.’

    Legal Counsel, Tech Start-up, UK

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